Best cast-iron skillets

One important note: The recipes in "Will It Skillet?" were developed for a 10-inch cast-iron skillet, but there's no need to buy one new. Skillets can often be found at thrift shops and garage sales. And if the used skillet you find needs a little love to get it cooking again, "Will It Skillet?" has advice for you there, too.

If you're in the market for a new cast-iron skillet, The Sweethome has done some investigation and I have some observations of my own.

For a 10-inch skillet, the Sweethome recommends a very familiar name in cast iron. It's one that I can get behind:

Some new names in cast iron have cropped up (including Field and Finex). I use and enjoy a Field but haven't yet gotten my hands on a Finex. 

While this and other skillets come pre-seasoned (that is, with the "seasoning" — a natural nonstick coating — already in place), you may find it helpful to continue seasoning the skillet, building on the nonstick coating that the manufacturer has started. My book "Will It Skillet?" has you covered with instructions if you want to give the seasoning some love. 

One last thought: Wherever you find a skillet and whichever kind you buy, might I suggest accompanying the skillet with a book of awesome ways to use it?