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"In a perfect world, it would be tucked inside the box of every new Instant Pot ..."

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"Shumski truly understands the home cook: 'How to Instant Pot’ answered questions I didn’t even know I had for an appliance I wasn’t sure where to start with. [It] makes me feel like my funny BFF is right there in my sauce-spattered kitchen, talking me through every dish.”

Will It Skillet? unlocks a new world of cast-iron cooking with 53 surprising and delicious recipes.

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Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, James Beard Award-winning authors of "The Flavor Bible" and "Kitchen Creativity," hail the book: "God bless Dan Shumski — not only for making us grin, but for proving that the sky's the limit for ways you can reimagine using common kitchen equipment to create new and delicious dishes."

    Will It Waffle? is the waffle-iron cookbook with creative non-waffle recipes. Pizza, bacon and eggs, falafel, s'mores, and more — all in your waffle iron.

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    J. Kenji López-Alt says the book takes the question in its title and "follows [it] through to all of its delicious conclusions."

    The New York Times includes "Will It Waffle?" among the year's best cookbooks.