Video: Waffled macaroni and cheese

The people from PAM (the nonstick cooking spray) came to me with a solid idea: Let's make some waffling videos. 

I was happy to help, though helping in this case mostly involved staying out of the way and watching as the video professionals did their work. I am really good at putting things in waffle irons, just good enough at writing about it, and markedly less good at capturing it on video. (As an aside, I was once asked why there are so few hands shown in my waffling photos — zero, usually. I explained that hands tend to be in short supply when taking my own photos. I have just two — hands, that is, not photos. In any case, making these videos meant going all out. There are even hired hands!)

We took a handful of recipes from my book and created very short videos. In my role as on-set waffling expert, my opinion was sometimes solicited. (Example question: "Does that look sufficiently waffled?" Example answer: "Yes.") It was really cool to watch the ideas come to life with the help of a talented team of people, to whom I am very grateful. 

I'm very pleased with how the videos turned out. The first one is above. Take a look!

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